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Med-school student, and later doctor, who was proud of his humble beginnings. Separated from her, then returned to Dallas to take her back to Atlanta in November 1988. Killed while living in California and doing work for Sue Ellen and Valentine Lingerie. R., striking up a close relationship with Jock Ewing. Slept with Kristin Shepherd and was later blackmailed by her.

* Tried to break her dad out of prison and was sentenced to community service. She tried everything from locking her parents in a room to running away to faking a kidnapping!

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), and a daily lineup of food trucks to feast from, the dates practically create themselves here -- when the weather cooperates (and, hey, if you’re bundled up enough, even when it doesn’t).

Nothing beats a beer, a burger, and a blanket on the lawn.

* Lived through the trauma of her father's death and resurrection twice! A product of controversial couple, Todd and Blair Manning, Starr grew up fast with more street smarts than some adults!Signed partnership agreement with Jock in 1939 concerning Ewing 23, and later fell out with Jock over the profits of Ewing 6, causing a long running feud which lasted many decades. USC student with an interest in architecture, which she used to her advantage as she pursued Bobby Ewing. Visited Dallas at the time of John Ross Ewing's birth, then returned to Dallas in 1985 when Sue Ellen was institutionalized by J. He claimed that while he didn't find a cure for his leukemia, he was in remission. then decides to do a deal with the CIA to foil Calhoun's Saudi activities. Married Rebecca in the 1940s, and had 4 children (2 of whom died in infancy). Tried to kill Pamela Ewing but accidentally ran down Bobby at the beginning of the Dream Season, 1985. Ambitious, slinky, conniving female with long brown hair who had affairs with Rudy Millington, Alan Beam, Vaughn Leland, Jordan Lee and J. He also got engaged to Pam again and married her in the last episode of the dream season. of their close tracking of Calhoun and his terrorist activities, J. calls Calhoun to try to call off their deal, but Calhoun refuses. Killed Hutch Mc Kinney in a temper in 1952, who had been having an affair with his wife. This whole return storyline was later abandoned as if it had never happened, when the whole of season 9 was explained away as being Pam's dream. When Miss Ellie discovered Jock Ewing's possessions in his room, Wes claimed that they had always been his possessions and that he was Jock. for a job of blowing up Saudi oil fields, in order to force up the market price of oil in the USA. Confessed to the murder on his deathbed, also telling his daughter, Pam, that Hutch was her biological father. Jock had been declared legally dead for several years at the time.

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