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Tara Donna Reid (born November 8, 1975) is an American actress.

Adam asked Lisa if she'd ever had sex with a woman.Brittish was OK with sex about four times per week, but Lorenzo wanted it 14 times per week. That's 28 hours of sex every week — and that was only the beginning of his requests.He also wanted "Olympic-style" bedroom activities that required Brittish to maneuver like a gymnast to keep him entertained.The other women looked at Brittish with pity in their eyes when they heard this, and Tara Is No Puppet Master The directors then turned things up a notch by forcing the couples to act out their sex lives using puppets.According to Jim and Elizabeth, the puppets would allow them to express thoughts and feelings they might not otherwise share, but not everyone was buying it. I'm not doing this." Jim listened remotely, noting it might be the first "honest" thing Tara had said since arriving at boot camp.

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