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It's terrible not being able to stand, to walk, to run. To walk down the stadium steps and be a part of the home team. Most of all, I hate how restricted the world feels. And I've found goodness in people that I was too cynical to see before my accident. Dressed in his Sunday best, he got on his hands and knees, in the dirtiest of the gutter snow, and dug me out.

I miss stretching my legs after a hard day, or dancing at a wedding (badly). But, almost three years later, despite all of the pain, I've found new beauty in the world.

Mr Camm, alongside a team of family and friends, braved torrential rain as he tackled the Tough Mudder in Cirencester Park, Gloucestershire.

He used his Extreme X8 wheelchair to pull tree branches and even tow his father's car.

"They should have followed up to see if she was ok.""You don't take emergency housing if you've got somewhere to go - so Tracey's next step was going to be homelessness," Sepuloni said."If the welfare system isn't here to support a four-year-old girl whose mother has serious physical disabilities, then who is it there for?

" The family parked up their van in Avondale where the Kelston MP has been helping them tackle paperwork.

They cut that funding after three weeks because Penny hadn't been searching for a private rental."They told me that since I couldn't prove I'd been looking, I'd have to move to a backpackers hostel," she said.

"People think that someone in my position shouldn't be doing what I'm doing, but I'm just going to prove them wrong." While Rob was not able to conquer some of the obstacles, including monkey bars, mud pits, high walls and narrow tunnels, he did need to navigate difficult terrain.His specially-made Extreme X8 electric wheelchair can reach speeds of 10km per hour - and Rob has even been able to clear tree branches and tow his dad's 4x4 with it.It took him through a course which is made up of Britain's "deepest, darkest mud and soul-crushing terrain", according to Tough Mudder organisers.Penny has been a tetraplegic since she was hit by a car as a toddler.Every morning she wakes up, assesses her pain, and counts her blessings, which do not include the Ministry of Social Development's treatment of her situation.

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