The intelligence dating cops

"Catwoman" Jocelyn Wildenstein -- notorious for her plastic-surgery produced feline-like features -- is charged with slashing her Canadian boyfriend.Cops say that Wildenstein, 71, and known in the New York tabloids as the “Bride of Wildenstein,” used a pair of scissors and her talons to gouge Lloyd Klein. But when one Alabama woman rolled her dice with her romantic fate on Saturday night, little did she know that the evening would end in a cop encounter and an eventful ride home—in a police car.

Days later, he would die from the blunt-force head wounds he suffered that night.

"Then I used crayons to mark every violent crime, robbery and grand larceny that occurred. the unsolved." Later, when William Bratton was hired by the Transit Police to cut crime, Maple showed him the charts, and between 19 they cut felonies in the caves by 27 percent and robberies by a third.

In 1994, when Bratton was appointed by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to head the NYPD, the new commissioner made the flamboyant Maple his second-in-command.

The move, likened to promoting a Navy ensign to admiral, ruffled many feathers.

But using computerized Charts of the Future, precinct commanders were held accountable for crimes in their area. In police work, nobody memorializes that complaint. What should happen is that those complaints should go to narcotics in the local district or precinct to be worked on to see if it's a chronic condition.

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