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I chose one episode per week via a random number generator.

Although owned by Do D, WVOW was operated by a private company to produce TNT.

Blindspot - 1.01 - Pilot Thus far this is my favorite pilot.

Jaimie Alexander sells the story of a woman with drug-induced amnesia who wakes up in Times Square covered in tattoos. " Weller: "No." How to Get Away with Murder - 2.01 - It's Time to Move On Normally I review H2GAw M on a weekly basis but this week I hit a glitch and had to watch it on the very annoying ABC player.

(On a slightly related note, we were AT the TNT area the day before the explosion, taking my son on his first trip to the igloos. ) The former West Virginia Ordnance Works (WVOW) was an explosives manufacturing facility constructed for the sole purpose of producing 720, 000 tons of TNT per day.

It was constructed on 8,323 acres along the east bank of the Ohio River, along State Route 62, 6 miles north of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

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