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One solution is to: That's all nice and good, but it means that I went from code that was sequential in nature to something that has callbacks or something similar (promises).So, I'm trying to keep the sequential nature while updating the UI.In the Solution Explorer open the My Project folder.

Name the report something you can remember associating it with the information you want to report on. When this box appears Choose Create New Connection.

I call the sub-routine from another module (not from the form itself). The Click event of the form's button calls a method (VBForums Login) in the mod Logins module. ' Internet Explorer's Web Browser Control fires the Document Complete event when the document has completely loaded, and the READYSTATE property has changed to READYSTATE_COMPLETE.

When I step through the code with the Debugger I can see that the sub-routine executes when it is called (the text property of the Tool Strip Status Label changes), but the Tool Strip Status Label does not show its changed Text property. Name '..procedure's name Try Tool Strip Status Label_MSG. Do Events() '...allow the OS to complete any tasks Status Strip1. The VBForums Login method does the following: 1) Run a query on a back-end database to find the username, password, and website URL. Name '..procedure's name Dim _DEBUG As Boolean = False Dim navflags As Long Try System. 'Following are some important points about the firing of this event.

Then when the result comes back the label should disappear and the progress bar should be full. The problem is, I can't get those actions to happen in that order.

Using the code below, I click "Search", nothing happens until the results are displayed, and then the progress bar fills up from 0 to 100. I even threw in a sleep command immediately after the event to be sure I wasn't just missing it, but it's as if the first 2 statements are not being executed. Does this Fire method kick off another thread to do the database query?

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