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is the uplifting tale of how one man led the campaign against slave trade in the British Empire.William Wilberforce was an influential speaker and a popular member of the British parliament.Christian Crush is based in Colorado Springs and Denver, CO and founded by Dr.

One of the core beliefs we have at Christian Crush is believing Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

For I hold true to the notion, if one were to do so, this Book could be a great help to a person's everyday life, both naturally and spiritually.

Now I also like to think, we'll learn many things as we journey together through this Great Book.

For you see, some of those things in which I'm referring to, deals with learning how to apply the power of: humility, spirituality and faith, into our everyday lives.

For I believe, once you discover and truly learn how to apply these valuable attributes, into your everyday routine of life, you'll witness a treasure trove of untold divine wisdom and insight, which will affect your life positively in every possible way that you can imagine, both here and beyond.

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