Updating dns pointers manually updating the keys pansat 3500

If you are unsure whether or not you need to edit your DNS records, don't hesitate to contact a customer adviser for assistance at [email protected] by phone at 1-866-731-6556.

The next steps depend on the record type that you want to edit or create. Note: Hostname refers to the prefix before the domain name.

If you are using Host Gator's name servers, and a c Panel based account, you can update your DNS Records directly in c Panel.

If you manage your domain's Office 365 records at your DNS hosting provider, you don’t have to worry about the steps in this topic.

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If you use your own, you will need to manually set the DNS Records.

This means that a Reverse DNS Lookup will not resolve to the domain name, but instead to the server that the hosting account is on.

We do have TXT entries and PTR entries to help with SPF records when sending email.

DNS Record changes usually take a few hours due to propagation.

For the DNS Records you make here to work you must use our name servers. Our environment does not support Reverse DNS Lookups.

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