Updating ssl cert for iis

Ideally, you’re working in a lab environment with Xen Server as your hypervisor (although it doesn’t have to be – these instructions will still work).Finally, you want to keep things simple – you just want this stuff to work!Then, you can assign or bind the certificate to the appropriate website.As I began searching the Internet, I realized there wasn’t a complete “How To Swap My Secure Gateway for Net Scaler VPX” guide out there that answered all my various questions in one place.If you have not yet created a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and ordered your certificate, see SSL Certificates CSR Creation :: IIS 7.How to install your SSL Certificate to your Windows 2008 Server New: IIS 7 installation video walkthrough After Digi Cert issues your SSL Certificate, you first need to install the certificate on the server from which you generated the certificate signing request (CSR).

The code is the same, and you can get full functionality out of the VPX version by running it on a hypervisor of your choice.

Certificates that are issued by Windows EBS typically expire after two years.

It is recommended that you update each certificate before its expiration date to ensure that your Security Server and Messaging Server function normally.

You can either renew the existing certificates on the source server in a format that is compatible with IIS6.0 or you can request new certificates.

After you have installed the server certificates on the target server, you can import the certificates into the certificate store on the target server, and then configure your Web sites to use the appropriate certificates.

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