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Upgrades for several current devices will be available.I have HTC Ty TN II with Windows Mobile 6.1 and would like to update to Windows Mobile 7.5.Even after they've spent a year optimizing the OS, You need at least 256MB, 480x800px, and 800MHz for Windows Phone.If you want more specs about your device, you can find it here simply cannot on the Ty TN II; if you want to use any version of Windows Phone from 7 and above, you need to buy different hardware.1Mobile Market is a collection of more than 300,000 free android apps direct downloads, with more exciting, practical and unique apps added...Firefox is a multi-tabbed, open-source web browser.It is not physically possible to upgrade your device to WP7.It doesnt have enough RAM (128MB), Screen resolution (240 x 320), or processor speed(400 MHz) to run the OS.

This is a very common problem that the users are encountering these days.It has a Private Browsing that automatically removes history, searches, and cookies to protect your privacy.Tracking Protection minimizes the ability of hidden third parties from tracking your browsing activity across many...Lastly, they added the Microsoft Live search engine. Microsoft stated the updated software is scheduled to be available in late spring of 2008.The update announcement was made during the CTIA convention in Las Vegas.

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