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This tutorial is showing how to setup an XMLData Source and associate it with a Grid View.XML data Let’s start by creating a simple XML file for this demo.You would want to use a specific query method such as XQuery to retrieve data from an XML column.Seth Delconte wrote an excellent tip on using XQuery which is available at For an XML data source, no wizard is available, so you must manually complete the connection details for the connection string.This tip will cover the details of the three data source methods that can be used.

However, a Grid View can also read and display data from plain XML files.

Introduction This article explains the binding of a XML file in a Grid View and how to do insert, update and delete operations in the XML file. NET Web Application in which we add a XML file first and then we'll bind the XML file to a Grid View and perform the IUD (Insert, Update, Delete) operations. You can also perform the Insert, Update and Delete operations in the Grid View as well as the changes made in the XML file also.

NET Web Application with the Empty Project Template. Step 4: Now create some content in the file as shown below: Updated XML File Summary With this article you can bind a Grid View with the newly created XML file.

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the universal format for structured documents and data on the Web.

Developers are using XML based RSS feeds and XML Web Services in their web applications on quite regular basis these days. NET version 1.1 was lacking built in capability to handle XML data that’s why ASP.

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