Use linkedin for dating

They are certainly using Linked In as part of their background research on any prospective dates. Professional women it would seem are increasingly using Linked In for dating.A reader commented that “it is such a shame that some people do use their job titles and take advantage of vulnerability of those in job transitions.” I agree that to use one’s power to hire, or introduce someone who has the power, is unethical. I’m curious to hear of anyone who has met someone on Linked In, which developed into a romantic relationship. *Perhaps “stalker” or even “predators” are better word for these types of people. , which is currently only available for i Os devices, uses the information from your Linked In profile to connect you with potential matches, filtering your recommendations by job industry as well as age, proximity and gender. uses the information from your Linked In profile to connect you with potential matches, filtering your recommendations by job industry, age, proximity and gender'People get a really true sense of where someone's from, what they do, and where they went to school, which are the main questions people ask in terms of dating,' explained the 28-year-old entrepreneur.In my Linked In workshop I make an off-handed comment that Linked In is NOT a dating site.I get chuckles from the attendees, but I never seriously consider that some people try to use Linked In as a dating site. A conversation with a job seeker brought it home to me that people of both genders are using Linked In for a dating site.And most people on Linked In — and at work — want to be judged first as professionals.

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'The world is smaller than you think, and it shows on Linked In,' he says.

'It will help you understand users in a way you'd be hard-pressed to do on normal dating sites.

Do they have a lot of different jobs within a short time period?

She was exasperated as she told me she doesn’t like networking because it involves reaching out to strangers. They are attracted to a Linked In member as a professional connection, but their overtures become too personal.

This feeling is natural I told her, but then she went on to tell me about a Linked In member who asked her out on a date. Not just once, she told me, but by numerous people. My client was so distraught that Icursed this person…out loud. Not everyone who comes across as a Linked In dater knows better. Their purpose for meeting with someone for coffee may be for professional reasons at first, but they eventually develop a personal interest that isn’t returned. They’re showing up on a person’s profile view on a daily basis. Their advances are outright obvious and persistent, and will prompt the recipient to block this person.

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