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DIRECTORY OF THE UKRAINIAN PARLIAMENT JULY 20, 2006 BBC Monitoring research in English 20 Jul 06 BBC Monitoring Service, United Kingdom, July 20, 2006 The following is a list of the individuals elected to Ukraine's 450-seat Supreme Council (parliament) on the lists of the five parties and blocs that overcame the 3-per-cent barrier in the 26 March 2006 parliamentary election.

18-year-old Oleksandra Kucherenko became Miss Ukraine 2016 last weekend.

C., THURSDAY, JULY 20, 2006 INDEX OF ARTICLES -------- Clicking on the title of any article takes you directly to the article.

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She graduated from a school with a gold medal just one year ago.

Apart from this, the girl can play piano as she studied in a music school.

People are dying by the thousands, but eleven strangers, ...

The stunning girl has never worked as a model and plans to become a journalist.

She will represent Ukraine at Miss World beauty pageant in the Washington DC, USA. Last year Russian Sofia Nikitchuk became Vice Miss World (the 1st runner-up).

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