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Not bad for someone whose dying wish was to be cremated…Takraw, or kick volleyball, is a traditional sport in Vietnam.Your support will make a real difference to the lives of the children your funds support. the Alpha Bet Club Foundation is run by over 35 amazing volunteers in Netherlands, Spain, United States & India. Alphabet Club has successfully hosted 100 [FUN]draising events in the last 8 years with ABC Madrid hosting 20 of the 100 in the last 4 years ● Did you know …ABC’s successful 2008 speed dating for charity event resulted in 4 babies! the Alpha Bet Club has supported many social projects in Cambodia, India, Netherlands, Spain and Vietnam ● Did you know for each school in Bangalore we serve over 30,000 nutritious meals to our students free of charge and help them wash their hands over 150,000 times a year ● Did you know …ABC has sponsored a Vietnamese girl to attend primary and secondary school at a Room to Read school in her village.This sponsorship began this year and covers 10 years of her studies through primary and secondary school.It’s fair to say that Vietnam’s notable history has been largely dominated by headlines of war and oppression.In Vietnam, they say that they were dominated by the Chinese for 1000 years, the French for 100 years and the Americans for 10 years.

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“Economics, cultural bias and gender discrimination often exclude girls from educational opportunities in the developing world.His body is on show for the world to see for only 9 months of the year.The Mausoleum is usually shut from September to December as Uncle Ho makes his annual journey to Moscow for ‘maintenance’.Most parties also specify an age range and may be organized around a dating niche, such as religious or ethnic preference.Speed dating may happen either online through text, audio or video chatting interfaces, or at in-person events and parties.

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    Islamic Arts and Architecture (IAAO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information on arts and architecture.

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