Who are the sprouse twins dating 2016

So, allow me to attempt to answer a question that may or may not be running through your mind ever since Bughead shared their first kiss. Based on an Instagram Sprouse shared last Saturday, it sure seems like fans really want these two to be a couple off-screen, too.

The photo features Reinhart sitting in a field of flowers, while wearing a flower crown.

This is her tumblr, she posts and retweets a lot of things regarding emotional abuse and trauma due to relationships.

One of the most confirming things is that when an anon told her that everyone who knows Cole personally thinks he’s a great guy she replied by saying that when Amber Heard came out about her abuse no one believed her either.

He’s stated, “ One doesn’t need to be in the position of power to be racist…of course white men have the most power, i never said they didn’t , does that mean i’ll allow ethnocentric racism directed towards me? As a white man not only does he not have right to define racism but to use a prominent Black activist in attempt to validate his ignorance is truly disgusting.

In order to defend his belief in reverse racism, he plays the ethnocentrism card.

Though, if you read the comments, their fans definitely want them to be.

, both brothers went off to New York University and were just normal college guys.

He also starred in 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' and 'Just for Kicks'.Recently, it has come out that the seemingly woke Sprouse twin is actually as problematic as they come.He believes in reverse racism and has used MLK to attempt and justify his beliefs. and i’m sure he’ll be in agreement” This pseudo intellectual tone is the epitome of white privilege.There's no doubt the 20-year-old looks stunning in the image. He could very well just be showing love to his co-star and expressing how much he likes this particular image of her.This also isn't the first time the former actor has shared similar images like that of Reinhart.

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