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A: Lots and lots happens in the final half of the second season.

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A double-date dinner goes sour as Stephen becomes jealous when Kristin receives phone calls from another guy; Lo and LC pay a visit to Trey's AYA (Active Young America) Open Mic Night; everyone gathers for a bonfire at the beach. She got it, and also a call from Stephen and a little something started with Talan.

When Lo doesn't go on a yacht trip to Catalina Island, LC is left without a buddy to survive kayaking, camping, and Stephen and Kristin's renewed relationship; Christina performs at her father's Crystal Cathedral. are seniors now and plan on making the most of it, no matter who gets hurt. Right away things are not like they used to be when everyone comes back for Christmas break. But a Happy B-day turns to tears for LC when Stephen heads back to San Fran. The 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" theme couldn't have been more perfect. So Stephen's plays the odds this year when he rolls into town and takes Kristin to dinner on Valentine's Day night, and then brings flowers and candy to LC the next day. So Kristin, Alex H., Talan and Jeff drag Jessica away for a weekend of snowboarding to help her forget about Jason.

All three seasons are presently available at the i Tunes Store, in addition to the release of the first two seasons on DVD.

The third season was released in the UK March 9, 2009.

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