Who is mick jagger dating now

“After her death, Melanie reached out and they met in New York as friends,” a source told the newspaper.

“There was a spark there and she provided a distraction to the emotional hell he was going through.” A woman who answered a cell phone linked to Hamrick — a member of the elite American Ballet Theatre — hung up on a Daily News reporter Saturday.

“It’s a terrible thing for Mick to have done,” L’Wren’s sister Jan blasted at the time. “So far, Melanie has no clue about Masha,” said the source.

“Meanwhile, Masha thinks Mick has made her his actual girlfriend.

The hunt had been on for Jagger’s new squeeze after a mystery woman was photographed nuzzling the rocker on a balcony in Switzerland earlier this month.

“He invited her to Zurich to see the Stones and that’s when things became intimate between them,” a source told the Sun.

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In 1985, he released his first solo album, She's the Boss.In early 2009, Jagger joined the electric supergroup Super Heavy.In 1989 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in 2004 into the UK Music Hall of Fame with the Rolling Stones.“All of his friends are very supportive because Mick has been through so much pain, and she put the smile back on his face.” One person who isn’t smiling is Scott’s sister, Jan Shane.“My sister deserves so much more respect than that,” Shane told the Daily News.

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