Who is rose rollins dating

star is due to welcome a baby boy with her Australian boyfriend Sebastian just three days after her birthday on 30 April (17), and the actress is quietly hoping he isn’t born on her big day.

“I know it sounds selfish, because he’s the greatest gift ever and I can’t wait for him to get here,” she tells , “but if he comes on my birthday? ” The 35-year-old also admits she was hoping to have a baby girl because she and Sebastian have a lot of brothers.

From her later appearances, her most recognized role is Tasha Williams from The L Word.

Unlike her character on this show, Rollins allegedly isn’t lesbian.

Alice grew increasingly attracted to Dana during the season after Dana broke up with her girlfriend, and the two of them eventually started dating.

However, they broke up at the end of the season when Dana left Alice for her ex-girlfriend Lara.

Before her acting career skyrocketed, young Rollins made money as a model. Rose definitely has what it takes to be successful in modeling.

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While some have reported that Katherine Moennig is gay, she has never publicly said so and has repeatedly said she does not wish to discuss or disclose her sexual orientation.In the episode “Losing the Light” (3×10) Alice was at Dana’s hospital bedside when their friend Tina come by for a visit, and commented on how Tina was dressed for a date with her then-boyfriend.Rose Rollins played most recently Valerie Anderson on ABC’s show The Catch. Rose was born April 30, 1981 in Berkeley, California.But it may be this season’s Tasha Williams, played by Rose Rollins, who has brought the most authentically butch lesbian to the series. Rose Rollins: I come home from Iraq, and I’m in the National Guard.The reserved, stoic Tasha is a captain in the National Guard who has just returned from Iraq when she catches Alice’s eye — leading to an opposites-attract romance that has quickly become a fan favorite. It’s not really stated as to why I’m home, and no one really knows for how long.

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